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William Gendron
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William Gendron Totem is fucking Epic!!!!!!!! Can't get the songs out of my head. Favorite track: The Only Thing I Hate More Than Weaklings Is the Color Pink.
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A monument to our spirits.


released July 7, 2015

Mikey Jacobs - Drums/Backing Vocals
Taylor Sewell - Guitar
Nate Haymond - Guitar/Vocals
Thor Johnson - Bass/Vocals



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Of Fact and Fiction Tillamook, Oregon

This 4-piece heavy metal act coming from the Oregon Coast/Portland are bringing a refreshing blend of melodies and brutality to the music scene. With talented members and a professional attitude, these young gentlemen mean business.They have backed up their reputation for explosive live shows with the powerful debut E.P. "Totem", independently released on 7/7/2015. ... more

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Track Name: Reverse Polarity
Hold your lashings
Tone your language
Behold what you create
In your triumph
In your nightmares
The world drowns in your wake

Behold what you create
In your nightmares
A backfire
Their voices quake with fear

Fear of regression
And oppression
Gives light to modern inspiration
For a new age
A new day
We've distanced ourselves from the old ways

The tyrants of progression
The view of wild imagination
Identify the, "civilized"
Ignoring the social direction

We've stood firmly through the test of time
What is desired will soon be mine
Equality will soon reach mankind
In time
Track Name: Cronenberg (Ft. Patrick Jobe of The Odious)
Now he's coming for you, now he's coming
Bleeding legs, never stop running
I know he's coming for you, i know he's coming
this fear you hear in your head, it's onto something
Malevolent master of cunning
Created pain, needs a test subject
Gray matter oozes evil being, anticipating
Eternally diverging

What do you want from me?
Your pain and suffering
What do you want from me?
You're all and you're nothing

Now he's coming for me, now he's coming
White shade, chasing he feels nothing
I know he's coming for me, I know he's coming
This hope I know in my heart, it means nothing
Malevolent master of cunning
Created pain, needs a test subject
Gray matter oozes evil being, anticipating
Eternally diverging

Blood is streaming, ceaselessly screaming
Skin flayed, face dis-figuration
A broken body, useless flesh carcass
In the name of Scientific Progress
Track Name: The Only Thing I Hate More Than Weaklings Is the Color Pink
And this is where we stand after all these years,
What a disappointment I've become in your eyes.
What will it take to receive approval?
And this is how we've evolved after all these years,
What a weak performance you have brought upon this stage.
Where is your pride in all I've accomplished?

Your doubt's contagious, a disease on my rationality.
A sickness growing and spreading throughout sensitivity.

To think I'm a failure and feel you're so much better,
When I've fought the depression of knowing I'm your great transgression.

And even the rain becomes one with the sun to bring a light so vivid it postpones their differences.

I will rise.

And this is where you fall after all these years.
After all the torment.
You're finally done.
Track Name: Break Our Chains
Communal intent masked their facetious schemes,
Purity of a species suffers in the wake of malicious dreams
Mono-centric power
Another straw on a broken back
Fellowsip of a doomed existence
Calloused hands gripping to the cracks

We grow weary of your lies
More false claims
As a nation we cry, "Break our chains"

Human condition raised them to be unseen among the clouds above us,
An unforeseeable atrocity
Blade pointed skyward, the grey opens up to golden rays,
Over-zealous leeches kneel before their former slaves